Four Relevant Topics that any investor should keep an eye on

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1. Investment trends

Do you want to know about the latest investment trends in Chile? Find new projects, companies announcements, innovative initiatives and much more in our newsletter. We also offer you up-to-date information and figures about Chile's FDI inflows.

2. Latest Investment Opportunities 

Mining, Infrastructure, Energy, Transportation and much more. You will find in each edition key information about some of the most attractive public projects, along with Chile's tenders and concessions data for each business sector.

3. Global overview 

A tour though economic and investment news in Chile, with a wide selection of topics that you need to read before taking any decision. A special selection of our own contents and the latest local news.

4. Industry events 

Don't miss the chance to meet your future partners or providers! We offer you a schedule of some of the most hot events: seminars, workshops, webinars and more... It's time to expand your network with us!   


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