As of 2022 Chile is applying new immigration categories, which include “Transitory Permanence” and “Temporary Residence”.

One of the migration sub-categories in Temporary Residence - created with the support of InvestChile - is the visa for “Investor and related staff”, which requires a Sponsorship Letter issued by the Agency to allow the visa to be granted by the National Migration Service (Servicio Nacional de Migraciones, SERMIG).

Who is eligible to apply for this type of visa?

Foreign private individuals, as well as legal representatives, directors and managers of foreign legal entities, that intent to invest US 500,000 or more in Chile.

• Persons carrying out the function of director or manager, and specialist technical staff, who are contracted as dependent employees or service providers in a company financed by foreign capital and established in Chile.


People who wish to enter Chile in this migration sub-category must request a Sponsorship Letter from InvestChile online; once the letter is issued, application for a visa in this sub-category must then be submitted in the Digital Applications Section of the SERMIG website.

Want to know more?

Visit our note ‘10 key questions on the Sponsorship Letter for Investors’

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